Summary: Argentina’s president recently addressed the Spanish Congress during a February 2017 state visit to promote relations between the countries, including their respective roles in restarting negotiations between the European Union and the Mercosur trading bloc. Although President Macri's address was directed at Spanish business investment into Argentina, it may also signal future opportunities in Argentina for companies from other regions. Read the story below...

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Argentina’s President Macri begins state visit to Spain
Accompanied by more than 200 business leaders, Macri will be focusing his four-day visit on persuading Spanish investors to return to his country.
“We want Spain to occupy the role it once did, we want it to take part in a grand infrastructure plan,” said Argentinean Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra at a press conference earlier this week. The objective of the visit, as Spain’s Economy Minister Luis De Guindos has already noted, is for Argentina to be Spain’s “preferential investment destination.”

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October 2-5, 2017 | Tempe, AZ

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