Cambodia was an extraordinary experience for the Thunderbird team as it gave us incredible insight as to Wedu’s potential in the Cambodian market.  The team had the honor to meet with several professionals, which expounded on the mentality, historical significance, and cultural differences that may play positively towards effective implementation of Wedu’s financial model in the future. 

Currently, Cambodians operate in the “right now” with their mentality and decision-making focused more on immediate survival mode than future thinking and strategy.  This barrier creates a more cash and carry society with a hand to mouth mentality. Cambodians are not contemplating or focused on saving money and investing; they are focused on just making enough money to pay rent and support their families. Moreover, an additional challenge presents itself when listening to Cambodian students explaining their living costs and basic needs products cost increasing relative to their income.

 However, one legal professional was encouraged by the 2015 Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), as this multinational agreement has the potential to change the cultural mentality by introducing methods of expediency in trade, transportation, and infrastructure, ultimately creating more opportunity for other countries to exploit Cambodians for their outstanding services and labor.  Moreover, it is believed that this increase in income resulting from the initiative will create room for more future oriented, projective thinking in the way of investment, education, obtaining and insuring assets, and the like.

This paves the way for incredible opportunity for Wedu, as Cambodians will have more disposable income and the reoriented mindset to invest in their futures by and through education, investment in capital, and entrepreneurial endeavors.  In essence, Wedu is on the brink of creating incredible change in women’s education in Cambodia.  The Thunderbird team is excited to assist Wedu in realizing its goal.