Our first CMC Career Weekend was a huge success, thanks in large part to the engagement of our alumni.  This year the CMC launched the inaugural Thunderbird Career Weekend.  This two-day event is a hands-on, student experiential preparation program designed to prepare T-bird students to meet recruiters BEFORE they attend their first on-campus recruiting event or national career fair. We weren’t sure how many partners we could get to commit to a Friday and Saturday event. Well, never underestimate the Thunderbird mystique.  With the help of Bob Shatz ’82 from the Tucson Alumni Chapter who worked tirelessly with the CMC over the summer, over 40 T-Bird alumni and 22 local corporate partners volunteered for the weekend.  What a way to represent the Thunderbird Brand!

Aaron Sanchez '12, Alicia Engel '16, Anjelina Belakovskaia, Anne Dellos '91, Anthony Dezilva '15, Brad Geren ’14, Chadwick Marcus '15, Dirk de Young '82, Elizabeth Leidy '83, Francesca van der Feltz '08, Greg Osborne '12, Gregory Derr '12, Hannis Latham '71, Betty Jo Latham, Jackie (James) Tingsabhat '16, Jake Strickler '17, James McHatton '80, Jamey Long '09, Jeff Prileson '79, John Bevell '12, John Bord, John Kellen '87, John Kryer, Joyce Cheng, Justin (Cecilia) Espineli '15, Kefei Wang '13, Kelly Drow '09, Kevin Chenoweth '93, Le Craven '04, Louise Strayer, Philip Kendis '03, Robert Shatz '82, Sachit Mistry '15, Sara Gordon '89, Sogol Homayoun '11, Taylor Napierski '15, Thomas Fuegner '74, Tim Sultan '96, Tom Yu '14,  and Vaino (Ingo) Hoffren '66.

Over the weekend, students were trained on personal branding and networking, dining etiquette skills, career fair prep, internship search, and interviewing skills. We know that “experiential learning” is a key to success, so the CMC designed a program that allowed the students to practice the skills they were learning with alumni.  Alumni and local corporate partners volunteered to host a group of students during a formal business luncheon, work a booth for a mock career fair and conduct one-to-one mock interviews with students.

By Saturday afternoon, both student and alumni alike were excited about their experience and energized about future opportunities to engage with each other. When surveyed about what they liked most about Career Weekend, the overwhelming response from students was “alumni being interested and committing to help us with career preparation.” and, the overwhelming response from alumni was “being able to meet new T-Birds and help them with student preparation.” We call that a meeting of the minds!

After this year, we think it’s safe to say that this “inaugural” Thunderbird Career Weekend will be the first of many to come. We hope to see you at Thunderbird Career Weekend 2018!