Sydney - October First Tuesday

New York City – October First Tuesday.

Hyderabad – October T-bird gathering.

Paris - September 20, alumni gathering with Patrick McDermott Chief Engagement Officer and Chelsea Olson ’13 Executive Director Office of the CEO/Director General at Thunderbird.

Stamford - Had a great T-bird Potluck BBQ at the home of Jarl and Kelly Anerud ’82.  Complete with a 70th Thunderbird anniversary celebration cake!  T-birds from class of 1973 to 2014 were gathered for a great evening!

Milwaukee - Top Left to Right: Catherine Deschamps-Potter (friend of TBirds), Terry Brown (TBird), Ken Wasylek (Tbird), Saumil Mehta (TBird), Michael Oemichen (TBird), Skippers Bob and Barry. Bottom Left to Right: Kristy Casey (Friend), Greg Olson (TBird), Alexandra Sielaff (Chapter leader, TBird), Calilxta Munene, (TBird), Dee Wasylek (spouse), Jodi Schneider (TBird), Jill Oemichen (Spouse).

Seoul - "Seoul T- Birds gathered on the rooftop of High Street Market in the Itaewon district in Seoul.  High Street Market is owned by T-Bird Kip Richardson and he and his team provided cold beer, great food and a wonderful venue for Seoul T - Birds to gather and celebrate the birth of the first child of T-Bird Eric Thorpe (92).  Carmen Thorpe was born on August 31 and mother and daughter are doing well.  In addition we welcomed back Gbemi Disu who was here on a quick visit to the George Mason Korea Campus in Songdo.  Photo courtesy of professional photographer and T - Bird Anuj Madan who came up from Busan to join in our event."

Dallas – On September 17 a group of Dallas alumni who were unable to attend the Mallorca reunion got together to celebrate virtually.

Mumbai – The group met on Thursday September 29th.

Indonesia - Thunderbuild: Alumni are building a house for Habitat for Humanity

Lima - Tbird first Friday in August at Avalon Restobar with TEM lab students from Executive MBA.

Malaysia – August First Tuesday

DC - August First Tuesday

Silicon Valley - August First Tuesday.

Guadalajara - alumni had a special gathering on July 25th.  L-R: Vicky Rios ‘09, Carlos Lerma ‘14, Chelsea Oyen ’13 Executive Director Office of the Director General/CEO at Thunderbird & seated Chapter Leader Roger Lenero ‘14.

Berlin - We had our 1st Annual Berlin T-Bird BBQ in July: Attendees: Dominik Hess '01, Roland Quast '02, Jarek Budny '01, Cynthia Gloger '92, Alexander Gloger '92, Jay Boynton '98, Sean Padfield '14, Tracy Prentiss '98, + spouses. Big thanks to our host Roland. We are going strong with more and more people making it to the 1st Tuesdays.

Columbus - July First Tuesday 

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Chapter held a farewell dinner on July 29th for Rahul Warikoo who will be joining the incoming EMGM class. L-R: Michael Bendy ‘99, Mark Ma , Michael Zhou ‘02, Rahul Warikoo, Indra Warikoo, Marshall Gabin ‘80, Linda Suen ‘00, Chapter Leaders Kevin Rohrer ‘82, & Viola Luo ‘12, Cindy Zhou, & Tyler McElhaney ‘12.