Have you ever been so thirsty for knowledge that when you finally get it, it comes in so forcefully that it’s like drinking from a fire hose?

Well, that is how our WEConnect TEM Lab team felt on our first couple of days with our client at their D.C. office. We could not have asked for a warmer welcome: a full breakdown of information they had prepared with powerpoints, handouts, laminated visuals, and plenty of hot pots of coffee all day. It was even nice to get to know each of them personally over a catered lunch from Corner Bakery. We left that night glossy-eyed from the puzzle pieces of information shifting in our brains.

In the afternoon on the second day, WEConnect Interntional’s CEO, Elizabeth Vazquez, shared more about their past and vision for the future. Now, our team is prepared to put all of the pieces together to show that our education and training from Thunderbird will pay off in exceeding our client’s expectations. When my team and I left on our second day, we pinched ourselves in the elevator just to make sure that we were not dreaming to get paired with such an amazing group of dedicated professionals.

We are settling into the pace of city and the office, and finding interesting ways in which the D.C. culture manifests itself, like this artwork in the metro station. I’m sure that for the next five weeks, D.C.will feel more like home.

Author: Christine Moore