By Jay McAuliffe

Summer 2018, Global Consulting Laboratory (GCL)
Ecuador, Siemens

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, the YC@T team made its way to the Siemens, Ecuador offices to make its final presentation. The YC@T team presented its findings to Edwin Chavez (CEO), Fabian Salgado (Industry Management), Fabian Erazo (Energy Project Manager) and Professor Tom Hunsaker. The presentation focused on business recommendations for Siemens that would enable them to leverage five global megatrends.

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Left to right: Madit, Jay, Spencer, Giancarlo, John, Fabian Erazo, Fabian Salgado & Eric

Let us tell you a bit more about our final presentation:

Eric Cowan kicked us off by introducing our process on how to navigate from the relative global trends, making the way up the triangle to explain those trends as they are relevant to Ecuador and the potential digital responses (solutions) Siemens will one day implement. The overall goal was for Siemens, Ecuador to increase its market share. 

John Luebke then presented on the ever-changing geopolitical trends and how Siemens can best get ahead of the recent multi- and bilateral trade agreements happening globally, to win now. 

Giancarlo Romano spoke about helping guide urbanization and demographic trends in the Ecuador region. He suggested possible solutions on how to better improve education in the region and transform the top cities of Ecuador into smarter, more efficient cities. 

Jay McAuliffe followed with data security and transparency, focusing on possible recommendations on how Siemens could capitalize on the new European GDPR regulations. The team encouraged Siemens to partner with the EU to better utilize their 20 Level 3 Data Centers throughout the country. Jay recommended Siemens focus consumer attention not on their products specifically but pm their top-quality/reliable secure data partnership. We consistently reminded Siemens that as they move forward, they have a great opportunity to be the top data partner for consumers and businesses which would increase their market share (locally, regionally, and globally). 

Spencer Smith presented quite a few things. He suggested ways Siemens could help better utilize smart data in Ecuador to improve on the agriculture and water systems here in the country. Implementing digitalization will help Siemens improve its market share and grow the country of Ecuador as a whole.

Madit Yel and Eric Cowan wrapped up the presentation by suggesting to Siemens how they can better capitalize on the global energy trends that are impacting Ecuador. Madit provided Siemens with a few ideas on how to gain market share by digitizing electricity distribution to industrial consumers. Madit also informed Siemens on how they could use digitalization to optimize opportunities in Ecuador’s oil and gas value chain. Last, Eric finished by presenting a financial solution that Siemens could benefit from regarding energy. He emphasized the pay-per-usage mind sphere, incentive-based contracting and having more flexible (shorter) contracts for Siemens and the usage of their products/services. He explained that, furthermore, these possible solutions could be a great way to market Siemens digitalization products in Ecuador and garner possible new category users.