Street food and street shops are definitely one of the most fascinating parts of life in Bangkok. These small businesses not only attract Thai natives, but also visitors from all over the world. 

Team Wedu is not a stranger to this type of lifestyle; all team members frequent these little shops daily for the best that Thailand has to offer. For Team Wedu, a normal day in Bangkok starts with taking the MRT (subway) from Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre station to Si Lom station. This is about a 5-minute subway ride. Once the team exits at Si Lom station, they will encounter more than 1000 little shops on the street from the station to the office where Wedu is located. 

The variety of the shops and street food is just amazing. Some examples of these entities include all sorts of fruit, Thai noodles, coffee, Thai tea, snacks, Chinese dumplings, fried and grilled chicken, pancakes, fried rice, and even Sushi!! But the assortment does not stop at food; it includes shoes, dresses, blouses, pants, suits, lingerie, plastic containers, leather goods, clocks, makeup…the choices never end! These shops and food start from early in the morning and run very late into the evening. Thai people are hard working and Si Lom Street is always busy. Team members always try, but can never navigate through Si Lom without buying something before reaching the office everyday. 

Every team member has his or her favorite product or food item.  Daisuke loves his chicken rice and Richard cant live without his sweet chili sauce. Sneha loves her veggie papaya salad. As for Christy; she is totally addicted to Thai tea and can’t believe that only 25 baht (about 75 cents) will buy her such a phenomenal dream beverage. She will undoubtingly miss her jaunt through the busy market for her caffeine buzz every morning.  

This weekend, Team Wedu will be heading to the Chatuchak market and are looking forward to utilizing their stealth bargaining skills to purchase many souvenirs and interesting gifts for their friends and loved ones.  Wish them luck on finding and making the best deals!