Jambo! (Hello!) Team Tanzania is off to a great start in Arusha, Tanzania.  After 24 hours of travel, getting settled in our new home and many meets and greets, the team is feeling at home in Tanzania.  Our hosts at Solar Sister have been incredibly welcoming.  Asante Sana! (Thank you very much!)

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(Left to right: Blake, Dawson, Fatma Muzo- Solar Sister Tanzania Country Director, Neha, Tash, Solar Sister Entrepreneur, Caleb)


Regular power outages, infrequent hot water and irregular internet connectivity have been challenging at times but we are navigating our way through.  The team has been eating very well.

We had a busy week defining the scope of our project as we learned how best we could build capacity at Solar Sister.  We are excited to get out into rural Tanzania to meet many female entrepreneurs and business development associates working to provide solar lighting to homes in Tanzania in the coming weeks.   Our upcoming field visits will give us a full view of Solar Sister’s work in Tanzania from many points of view.