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Thunderbird has long been considered a well-kept secret in its home community. People often say we are better known internationally than we are in greater metropolitan Phoenix. The School’s relationship with Arizona State University is helping to change that. One way is through an annual campus Open House. Last year, Thunderbird participated in its first-ever “Night of the Open Door” event—an ASU initiative to bring awareness about the cultural and educational opportunities available through the university to people in our local communities. All five ASU campuses hosted a “Night” event during the month of February 2016 and we will do so again this coming year. As part of this event, more than 1,500 people from around the Phoenix metropolitan area— including a group of visiting Peruvian businessmen and more than 50 prospective Thunderbird students --joined T-bird faculty, staff and students on campus for a family-friendly event that truly reflected and represented the Thunderbird Mystique. Thunderbird’s “Night of the Open Door” was the most successfully attended, promoted and executed event across all of ASU, winning the School a “Zonie” Award from the International Live Event Association of Arizona (best non-profit event under $50,000). Members of every Thunderbird department joined 20+ student clubs ranging from the Latin American Business Club to the Rugby Club to host booths where visiting attendees could participate in creative arts and cultural activities. The booths—which filled the Tower lawn and stretched across campus through the Pavilion to the Snell classrooms—welcomed participants ranging from veterans and historians to families, undergraduate students and preschoolers. It was a chance to show our friends and neighbors in Arizona what is so well known across the world: Thunderbird’s name is synonymous with culture, class and quality. “Thunderbird’s Night of the Open Door gave us an opportunity to introduce the School to people who had never been on campus, including many of our new colleagues at ASU,” said Jay Thorne, Executive Director of Marketing & Communications. “People were genuinely blown away by what they experienced, which was the mystique that comes from Thunderbird students, faculty and staff. They saw in great detail what makes Thunderbird such a different place.” So, if you are in the vicinity early next year, please make plans to join us on February 18, 2017 from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. when Thunderbird hosts its second-annual “Night of the Open Door”. It is a day activities designed to share the Thunderbird with the local community and for them to personally discover what makes Thunderbird so special.