In our increasingly interconnected world, many businesses are growing internationally. As they grow, these international businesses need employees who can manage and lead in every part of the world. Many employers are looking for candidates who have advanced international business degrees. These specialized degrees teach international business skills that prepare candidates for the unique, global challenges of their industry. 

At Thunderbird, our #1-ranked international business degree is called the Master of Global Management. It is a specialized degree for professionals seeking a career in global business, management or leadership roles in multinational companies across sectors. In this blog we address the benefits of studying international business. We also examine what a Master of Global Management graduate can do with their degree.   

Why Study International Business and Management?    

Being a successful international leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a global mindset. It also requires a deep understanding of international markets, business climates, different cultures and foreign languages. 

Having this knowledge prepares leaders for global careers and gives graduates a competitive edge. There are a range of options for people looking for an international business degree and each come with their own benefits. Here are the benefits of a Master of Global Management: 

Develop a Global Mindset 

A Global Mindset is a mindset and a skill set. It help managers lead and influence individuals, groups and organizations from other parts of the world. “Leaders who have a high level of Global Mindset are more likely to succeed in working with people from other cultures,” said Mansour JavidanDean of Research, Garvin Distinguished Professor and Director of the Global Mindset Leadership Institute

Graduates with a Global Mindset understand different cultures and politics and have an easier time connecting with people from other parts of the world.  It’s essential to being successful in international business. Helping students develop a Global Mindset is a key component of Thunderbird's curriculum.  

Gain a deep understanding of international markets and business climates 

An international business degree prepares future leaders by giving them a deep understanding of international markets and business climates. At Thunderbird we do this by offering hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.  

Our Global Challenge Lab, for example, gives students the opportunity to apply their academic lessons to real-world, real-time problems. Students work with major organizations all over the world - Johnson & Johnson, IBM, 3M, Exxon Mobile and Fundación Bolívar Davivienda, to name a few. 

According to alumna, Isabel Swoveland, the Global Challenge Labs projects, "gives you the chance to utilize all the information you gained throughout your education at Thunderbird ranging from global communication to multinational corporate finance. Collaborating with a diverse team of fellow T-birds who are dedicated to producing impactful work for a client in a foreign country is an experience that teaches you to manage team dynamics while building friends to last a lifetime."

Become familiar with other cultures and learn a foreign language 

It's not enough to understand international business. In order to be an effective international business professional, it is essential to study and understand different cultures. At Thunderbird, multiculturalism is a big part of who we are.  

Our students and faculty come from all over the globe. We teach cross-cultural communication and awareness in our classes. We also host regular events that celebrate unique cultures around the world. And unlike many international business programs, we require all of our students to learn a foreign language before they graduate. 

“Thunderbird gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to expand my cultural condition and mindset,” said Thunderbird alumni Juan Carlos Quiroga Guzman in his alumni profile. “At Thunderbird, you interact with people from all over the world, whether you’re in class or out of class. It’s beautiful, because you learn from so many cultures 24/7.”

Gain specific and general business skills 

While earning an international business degree, students learn important business skills such as communication, decision-making, ethics, leadership and problem solving. These are the skills learned in any MBA program. 

One of the key differentiators between an MBA and an international business degree is the development of more specific global skills. Foreign language, cultural awareness, global ethics, and foreign law are all important topics you can study. 

According to the World Economic Forum, the top 10 job skills of 2025 include: 

  • Analytical thinking and innovation 
  • Active learning and learning strategies 
  • Complex problem-solving 
  • Critical thinking and analysis 
  • Creativity, originality and initiative 
  • Leadership and social influence 
  • Technology use, monitoring and control
  • Technology design and programming
  • Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility 
  • Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation  

At Thunderbird we are dedicated to preparing leaders who are equipped with these skills. We know they are essential for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond.  

What Can I Do with an International Business Degree?  

Completing an international business degree unlocks career options and enables upward mobility for international business professionals. The Master of Global Management degree prepares leaders for a career in international business across all industries – sales and marketing, human resources, finance, foreign affairs, healthcare, accounting, economics and entrepreneurship.  

Recent Master of Global Management graduates from Thunderbird have been hired by top organizations in the following roles:

  • Chief of Global Sales
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • Global Project Manager
  • Innovation Officer
  • CSR Manager
  • Impact Investing Manager

If you are looking for a career in international business, the Master of Global Management degree provides the education, experience and skills that global leaders need to be successful. Learn more about our Master of Global Management degree.

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