The Thunderbird Branding & Communications team spoke with Sakhi Solanki about her time working toward a Master of Global Management degree.

Question: Which session or talk has resonated with you the most?

Answer: The foundation week has been quite eventful. All the sessions were interesting but a couple of sessions that I particularly enjoyed were the Thunderbird Mystique and GMI mindset by Dr Javidan, and Educating Global leaders by Professor Signe. They truly highlighted what the Thunderbird journey would be like. The emphasis on diversity, global inclusion and mindset, 4IR and how we are training to be not just leaders with a business mindset but proactive leaders with a global mindset! 


Q: What is one specific thing you didn't know before Foundations that clicked personally or professionally during this week?

A: When Dr Javidan talked about how Thunderbird is a united home of misfits, it felt oddly appropriate because we aren’t trying to fit in a box but rather we are trying to include the world in our box. We are striving to be global leaders ready to take on a new adventure, start a new journey and learn from all the resources provided to us.

Professionally, I was fascinated by the emphasis given on analytics, big data and AI technology as they are the need of the hour. With 4IR, we are creating a complete immersion of industries and technologies, and learning these will provide us with plenty of opportunities as it shows that we are agile learners and leaders.


Q: What is one thing you have learned from another classmate during Foundations?

A: The one thing out of the many things that I particularly learned from my classmates was the importance of networking and connecting. And not just connecting but making meaningful connections. Having lively talks and perceptive conversations help to bring different ideas and viewpoints to the table. 


Q: How would you describe Thunderbird at this stage in your program?

A: The foundations have only made my resolution to enjoy this beautiful, diverse and dynamic journey even more. I have gained some interesting insights, learned quite a bit, and conversing with people from around the world has increased my appetite to know more, learn more and eventually, become a conscious and global leader.

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