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By Mackenzie Pedersen, Das Tor Staff Writer

Each fall semester at Thunderbird, a bushel of interesting individuals flock through the classrooms, the Commons, and (of course) the Pub. As Professor Mansour Javidan stated during Foundations, we are the black sheep, and we have found our home at Thunderbird. And inside that home, we have found our long-lost family. The newest additions to the Thunderbird family include people like Tyson Williams (Master of Global Management '18) and Shay Woods (Master of Arts in Global Affairs & Management '19).

While Tyson Williams currently has his eye on several companies, his long-term goal is to be involved in the business development of a renewable energy company to build power infrastructures in developing countries. When asked why he decided to attend Thunderbird for his graduate program, he responded:

"I first learned of Thunderbird through a professor that taught during my undergrad. At that point, however, my career wasn’t focused on business. It wasn’t until about five years later that I reconnected with a military friend that was going to Thunderbird, and after meeting his classmates and friends, I was astounded by the diversity and wealth of knowledge. Around that same time, I was facing an important decision to change my career. I decided to research Thunderbird, and after visiting for a Preview Day I knew this was the right school for me."

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