As our team continued through our first week in the field here in Piura, we gained many invaluable experiences, which we believe will greatly benefit our project. On Tuesday, we interviewed many government officials to gain a more in-depth understanding of the PROCOMPITE program and a better sense of the different views and opinions about the program.

Thereafter, we were very excited to start our first business visit outside of Piura. In the province of Sechura, there are many different fishing companies, which produce or catch a great variety of species. Due to Piura’s unique position, both a cold and a warm current flow by the coast, resulting in great diversity of species. However, it also results in some uncertainty and risk: producers are unable to control water temperatures, which can greatly affect the yield of some species.

Local government officials in Sechura provided some background about the region and its economy. The key industries in Sechura are fishing and mining. Relatively large phosphate reserves were found recently and these have been used to develop fertilizers for the agriculture sector. In addition, the variety of minerals in Sechura has attracted the attention of several international investors, although no concrete plans have yet been made. The importance of the fishing industry for the region was also explained to us and one former winner of the PROCOMPITE initiative was kind enough to walk us through the process of their business. We filmed parts of our experience and are excited to share our very first brief video with you!

At the end of a long and very productive day, we stopped briefly in Catacaos, a city known for its arts and crafts. Later that evening, we were invited to join our very hospitable client for dinner. Finally, we began the preparations for our field visit to Morropón the following day, a province mainly known for its agriculture. Organic bananas and mangoes are only two of the amazing products from Morropón. Stay tuned for more about the rest of our week!

The Piura Team