Our team has successfully worked its way through the first week of content development for our upcoming workshops in Piura. Meanwhile, Jennifer has leveraged her solid IT skills, with some international advice from a very supportive home base, to remotely reboot the wireless router located two doors down. Now that our Internet connection has become somewhat more reliable, we have actually been able to complete much of the necessary work before the weekend.

Thankfully, after some hiccups with health, the team is now back at full strength! And just in time for the rollercoaster ride that will be the workshops in the upcoming week.

Although it feels as if we have now spent almost five days straight in our apartment to create the content for these workshops, we continue to experience and enjoy the lovely city of Piura, along with the warm Peruvian culture and food. Ceviche has definitely made it to the top of my favorite foods list!

Our team lunches, which usually take place at about four in the afternoon, have certainly proven to be relaxing and great bonding time. Some excellent nicknames have been developed for el jefe, ThunderMagnus or just Magnus, as he is now known as to his team members Griselda, Gretchen and Gretel. We have also found some release in strolling through the park near our apartment.

With that said, our final official team meeting of the week lasted long into the night and, hopefully with some proper sleep, we can prepare for more workshop development sessions this weekend. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can also find some pipe cleaners and material with the consistency of play-doh for our ideation workshop on Monday, which might just turn out to be our next video blog…

Stay tuned! 

The Piura Team