WEConnect International (WECI) is extremely ambitious and is investing time and effort into improving its database and its internal reporting system. WECI aims to make its database truly global and extremely robust and it wants to have a better project management and reporting system that is real-time decision-making oriented. Our team went through two intensive days of training this Tuesday and Wednesday where we explored challenging IT arenas for its new reporting system. Consulting for WECI constantly forces us to learn new things, making for a steep learning curve. They are an organization of caring and helpful individuals who have put in a lot of effort to help us help them. Pictured is me with one of my closest client contacts, Anne, an operations manager. Anne is so caring - she is understanding and supportive of the TEM Lab team’s goals. She is really appreciative of the way we discuss financial matters, and I am delighted to be developing a strong personal relationship with her. 

We have been in D.C. for ten days and data continues to flood in. While it seems hard to extract and frame the ocean into a beautiful bottle of water, we have realized that discussing things aloud with each other is helpful.

Monday was an incredible day, because it was our biggest team brainstorming session yet! I could see how well-aligned we are, and I could observe the congruence and sharpness of my team members. We each completely understand in what direction we are headed in terms of our individual deliverables, and how our roles interlink with those of everyone else in the team.

Moreover, we offer friendly and constructive criticism upfront to each other. We also help each other to be more creative and solve problems early on. For six and a half hours, we challenged one another’s assumptions and trains of thought. We now have a clear idea on deliverables such as strategy, marketing, operations and financial support. We are together gathering crucial information to validate our framework and analysis. I am sure that we are on the right track for our interim presentation, coming up next week! 

I am really glad to work with all my TEM Lab team members. We are stars in the sky to light each other’s way forward, a true sisterhood of guiding lights.

Author: Pat Nopakun