Hey Thunderbird students! Bombarded with updates? Sometimes it can be easy to tune out the multitude of emails coming through your inbox each day. Most of us are guilty of deleting some before we even get the chance to open them. But before we know it, graduation will be upon us and we will come to regret not taking advantage of the full range of incredible opportunities Thunderbird provides us. So before you ignore an invitation to a recruiter information session because the company isn't your top choice, consider these reasons to throw on your suit and attend! 

  1. Broaden Your Knowledge of Industries - Many of us came to Thunderbird without a clear direction of where we wanted to see ourselves by the time we graduate. The best way to narrow this down is through exposure. Why not explore the full range of opportunities?
  2. Learn about Other Companies in Your Desired Industry - Other students may have “tunnel vision” and find it more difficult to consider opportunities outside of the specific company we have our hearts set on working for. Be sure to pay attention to companies you may not be familiar with, because you never know when you will come across something you like!
  3. Expand Your Network - What better way to grow your professional network than through face-to-face contact with employers who come specifically to recruit T-birds? Many also ask for the resumes of students who attended their info sessions. Having a face to go with your resume is a much better indicator of success than simply applying online.
  4. Practice Your Networking Skills - These sessions also provide a wonderful opportunity to fine-tune your 30-second pitch and professional networking style. Attending sessions that might not be your top choice is a smart way to perfect your skills for the real deal.
  5. Never Miss Out on a Potential Opportunity - Struggling to find a full-time job or internship? You never know which companies are hiring or what opportunities they provide! You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
  6. Learn About Skills Required in a Multitude of Fields - Recruiters will tell you what skills are needed in their areas. The more sessions you attend, the more you will start to see overlap and can focus on perfecting the skills you might still need to work on.

Looking for more career-search support or guidance, contact the Career Management Center at employer.relations@thunderbird.edu.