In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology has evolved at a much faster pace than the organizations that might govern it could keep up with. As a result, while technological advancement has yielded significant benefits (think: lifesaving AI-powered diagnostics) it has also had significant downsides(data privacy breaches, for example).

The solution is a coordinated, global, multi-stakeholder approach to technology governance. What’s needed is a framework within which individuals, companies, and governments can capitalize on technological developments –to advance equitable prosperity worldwide.

Guidance for developing such a framework is the subject of a white paper produced by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Thunderbird. A dense 36 pages, the white paper provides an in-depth perspective on why governance is necessary, what makes it difficult, and how stakeholders can make it happen. For an at-a-glance overview of the key areas where technology governance is urgently needed, derived from the whitepaper, check out the following infographic:

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