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By Juan Carlos Quiroga (Thunderbird Campus Ambassodor 2016-2017)

The value of being part of the Campus Ambassador program goes beyond purely tangible estimates, as the program and team also offers great potential for personal and professional development, satisfaction, and achievement.

My perception about the Campus Ambassador program is that we are more like a family as an extended community of support for the School providing a wealth of opportunities and a source of immeasurable pride for its members by representing the brand and image of the Institution Worldwide. The Campus Ambassador program has exposed to me to new people and experiences that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed I could experience.

This program also embodies the ideal support system that even after graduating and pushes you to excel in all aspects of life by lifting the name of the school exponentially along with lasting memories and friends that we always know will be there to guide us along the way.

Joining the team it was certainly a life-changing experience that made me leave my comfort zone and where I had the opportunity to be in the leadership team and meet so many amazing people with different backgrounds, nationalities, and careers that absolutely helped me to develop an stronger Global mindset.