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Every slogan, every tagline, every lyric to every song starts somewhere – it comes as a spark, a glimmer or maybe with a clap of thunder and flash of lightning. Sometimes, you borrow and reshape.

That’s where Nike’s “Just Do It” came from; inspired by, of all things, a convicted murderer’s last words. True story. Google it.

Happily, the new Thunderbird tagline was inspired by something much sunnier. It was inspired by the Thunderbird Mystique. And it carries that wonderful elasticity of application that communications professionals love. Only here.

It’s not about a place in Glendale, Arizona; it’s about a place that lives within all T-birds.

It’s a reflection of what makes Thunderbird different and it’s a value proposition that is delivered in places all over the world. Only here means an educational experience that can only be found at Thunderbird and in all the places around the globe where that unique experience comes alive.

We live in the most unpredictable business environment in history. The interconnectivity between markets makes all business global, affected by global events. It takes a unique skill set to thrive in today’s world and a global mindset is more valuable than ever.

For 70 years, Thunderbird has led the way in international business education and in developing global leaders. And while the school can be rightly proud of its history, what those seven decades really reflect is that Thunderbird has always changed and innovated to be relevant in a global marketplace that does not stand still.

What alumni from years ago and what new students entering Thunderbird today will tell you about the school is this: it’s different. It’s like no other place.

We embrace that difference – different degrees, a different approach to executive education, cohorts that are diverse, faculty that has unique real-world experience. Different is who and what we are.

What that means is that students emerge from Thunderbird differentiated. That’s why we call them T-birds. When you graduate and leave Thunderbird, you won’t look like you did on the way in and you won’t look like other master’s degree graduates from other schools. And that means you will stand out.

How do you know that it’s more than a slogan? How can you trust that it is real?

Our alumni. Look at who they are. Look at what they do – some are enormously successful with long titles in big companies with names you know. Some have taken the reins of a family business. Some are entrepreneurs who have carved their own way of doing something, often in an interesting part of the world. Our students want the careers and lives that our alumni have. And for good reason.

So, where can you get it? Only Here.