Managing Change in Turbulent Times: Brazil, Banking & The Business of Life

Rodrigo Xavier '93, Former CEO and Chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brazil

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The ability to respond to change has become a critical ingredient for any manager’s professional livelihood. In an environment such as the Brazilian financial sector that has experienced extraordinary growth to devastating periods of crisis, the ability to adapt is not only necessary for one’s success, but their survival. In this session, Rodrigo Xavier ’93, former CEO and Chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brazil, speaks about his experiences navigating the turbulent political and economic climate of Brazil while also handling a life-altering personal event.



5 Stages of Entrepreneurial Success

Wolfgang Koester '91, CEO of FiREapps and Thunderbird Alumnus

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It is the proverbial American Dream: Owning your own business. But in today’s fast-paced environment, the road to success is less a leisurely drive with signs pointing the way and more like a high-speed, Autobahn adventure requiring the negotiation of many turns. Join Wolfgang Koester '91, CEO of FiREapps, as he offers an overview of the five key stages that entrepreneurs face when transitioning a business from an idea to liquidity.



Globalization In Uncertain Times

Dr. Allen Morrison, CEO & Director General of Thunderbird School of Global Management

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Rapid technological change and globalization are trends that feed off each other. As both accelerate, the rules of the game are changing at a quickening rate. This has left a leadership void—and opportunity—for many. While some have called for more authoritative leadership, others have dismissed the need for leadership and called for pure market solutions. Similarly, some have called for more and faster globalization, and others have suggested that the future lies in national solutions. In this session, Thunderbird School of Global Management CEO & Director General Allen Morrison, Ph.D. examines the challenges to leadership in an era of uncertainty.