Early afternoon on Friday October 31 our team was finally on the way to Tunisia to start off on second edition of the Souk At-tanmia project of the African Development Bank. It had been a busy week on campus week with preliminary meetings with both faculty on campus at Thunderbird as well as the Souk team in Tunisia over Skype, lots of research and planning. Now we were on the way to further study the entrepreneurial eco-system in Tunisia and develop and implement our ideas.

The flight was extremely comfortable and we were able to get all the rest that we needed in order to start the work fresh and re-charged. 

Before the hard work started on Monday morning our team got some time to explore the beautiful city of Tunis. We took a stroll of the historical Sidi Bou Said and were amazed by its authencity and charm. While having the Tunisian tea - the local specialty with mint leaves and almonds - we enjoyed the incredible view of the Gulf of Tunis and the coastline. We further visited Carthage and the national museum located near the Cathedral of Saint-Louis of Carthage that displays archaeological items and allows the visitor to appreciate the magnitude of the city during the Punic and Roman eras. Some of the best pieces found in excavations are limestone/marble carvings, depicting animals, plants and even human sculptures.