Thunderbird’s very first Piura TEM Lab has now officially kicked off! We are extremely excited about this opportunity and hope to share with you some of the phenomenal professional, cultural, and social experiences we hope to gain with Thunderbird.

Our team departed Phoenix on Saturday morning and arrived in Lima late on Saturday night. After a very short stay and some jogging exploration in Mira Flores, the neighborhood we stayed in, we continued our trip to our final destination: Piura. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and our host graciously escorted us to our apartment. The remainder of the day was filled with settling, grocery shopping, and team meetings to prepare for our exciting first day of working with our client: the regional government of Piura.

This morning, we were up early for a run and proceeded to the office of the regional government immediately after. Our hosts and clients introduced us to a variety of officials, including those from the regional PROCOMPITE team. This program provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to apply for government funding to support, build and expand their business, ultimately with the objective of improving the economy and living standards in the region.

We continued by discussing the scope of our project and the work plan for the five weeks we will spend here. Having incorporated more information about the scope and objective of our project, we now have much more clarity about what we will be doing. In addition, we better understand how our work, and that of many future Thunderbird TEM Lab teams, will contribute to the success of entrepreneurs and the Piura region as a whole over the course of the next three years.


Today, as we also enjoyed some of the famous Piuran food at Mr. Leigh, we began to understand how these large and delicious lunches can result in a strong desire to further experience Peruvian culture with an afternoon siesta. We also left our mark on the already populated walls of the restaurant.

After lunch, we further discussed our project, including plans for this first week, with the client, before taking a team picture to celebrate the end of a very engaging and successful first day. As of now, we are very much looking forward to our next few days: we will be meeting with several more government officials and local business owners and we will begin our field visits to the provinces of Morropón and Sechura to further explore the industries of fishing and agriculture.

Until then, please stay tuned!

The Piura Team