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After 9 years on GlobalConnect, Thunderbird CMC is moving to Handshake as our core operational platform for career services. This affects both Thunderbird candidates and recruiting employers. Handshake is web and mobile-native, and its core design is built on a network concept. Employers who join are able to affiliate to member schools across the entire Handshake network rather than having to establish many individual accounts. We are collaborating with Career and Professional Development Services at ASU to make this move together, effectively merging the functionality and reach of GlobalConnect and SunDevil Career Link.

Alumni are welcome to participate in Handshake as users and/or hiring employers, but will need to establish accounts in the new system. 

Hiring Employers
Alums who represent their companies as hiring managers or recruiters, please email us to request your Handshake account. If you have a current recruiter account on GlobalConnect and wish to save any files stored there, be sure to log-in and download that material by COB on June 30th, the last day GlobalConnect will be active.

Alumni Personal Accounts
Alums wishing to use Handshake to manage personal job search activity can request accounts from June 15. Alums with grad dates through December 2014 must use your @global.t-bird.edu address for sign-up. To set up your personal account, click here on or after June 15, and navigate to “Sign Up for an Account” in the lower left-hand corner.

All GlobalConnect and Sun Devil CareerLink Users – Systems Sunset is June 30
Current access and services will remain in place through the full functional launch of Handshake. The last day that you will have access to GlobalConnect and Sun Devil CareerLink will be June 30. Please note that this timing allows for a brief overlap of portal services. Your current documents in GlobalConnect and Sun Devil CareerLink will not be transferred to Handshake. Please save any cover letters, resumes or transcripts that you may need from your current account. You will then be able to upload them into Handshake as your new account is authenticated (June 15+). Access to GlobalConnect and Sun Devil CareerLink will sunset on June 30.