A youth-focused NGO in Arequipa, Peru wins a UNICEF award with DreamBuilder, a free online business training program created by Thunderbird for Good & The Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Foundation.

Banco del Estudiante (The Student’s Bank), a non-profit that promotes social, economic and environmental development of the youth of Peru, recently won the UNICEF/United Nations "Financial Youth Landscape" award, to be conferred in NYC this May.

Banco del Estudiante’s “Building a Dream” financial inclusion project for children, youth and women incorporated DreamBuilder as a tool for development of business plans, helping to improve the local economy and decrease youth unemployment, especially for young women. In the project’s final phase, Banco del Estudiante applied the DreamBuilder program in the town of Chivay, an impoverished city where Internet access is limited, in a free training program for rural enterprise organized by Arequipa’s Ministry of Labor.

Banco del Estudiante’s founder and business professor, Jhose Quisocala, and his young son, Jhose Adolfo, facilitated DreamBuilder training sessions with just one laptop, a projector, an internet modem, a blackboard and notebooks. Since there was only the one computer, Chivay’s young entrepreneurs created their business plans ‘by hand’ (rather than via the program’s online business plan generator) and won S /. 2,500 ($893 US) which the Ministry awarded to the five best business plans.