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Thunderbird Honor Code Information

Thunderbird Code of Honor and Conduct 

In Fall 2003, the Honor Council undertook a study to ask students what "Honor" and "Ethics" meant in cultures from around the world. Our goal was to determine if the old Thunderbird code of honor was relevant and understood by students. During the process, we learned that the old code of honor did not convey the message it was trying to convey, due to language and culture.

In response to this analysis, the Honor Council updated the old code. Below is the updated new code. The purpose is to have a code that better conveys the principles of honor and ethics to students of multiple cultural backgrounds. The goal is that this new code is better understood and more relevant for our unique community.

Many have asked us how this is going to be enforced. To be honest, this is not an easy task. First, it takes a commitment and belief that we can raise Thunderbird's ethical standards. Second, the code is best enforced by each one holding each other accountable. And, third, it takes a group to keep reiterating the importance of the code of honor and conduct; this is the role of our Honor Council.

In summary, the Thunderbird Code of Honor and Conduct provides a foundation for the type of behavior and conduct that all members of the Thunderbird Community aim to achieve.

This process has been carried on from Fall 2004 to the present, and the latest articulation of the Thunderbird Code of Honor and Conduct can be found on the Honor Council homepage.

Thunderbird Code of Honor and Conduct