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Thunderbird Global Dialogues: Leading Teams Virtually Whether You Want To Or Not

April 10, 2020 1pm (PST/Arizona time)

Welcome to the world’s biggest experiment in virtual teaming! Whether Covid-19 has forced you into distance teaming or you’re a telecommuting advocate, join us to learn what makes virtual teams click and why they stall.

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About the Presenter: Dr. Christine Pearson

Dr. Christine Pearson is Professor of Global Leadership at Thunderbird School of Global Management. She has built a worldwide reputation as an expert on curtailing and containing dysfunctional behavior at work, from the dramatic sweep of organizational crises to the corrosive impact of problems that escalate from low-intensity incivility and aggression in the workplace.

Christine is highly sought for her expertise by both the academic and business sectors. She has helped numerous organizations plan for, avert, contain and learn from the dark side of organizational life – from crises, such as workplace homicide, executive kidnapping, product tampering, aircraft accidents, and consumer fraud.