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Thunderbird - Dubai

Thunderbird's Dubai office partners with governments in the region to support workforce development and nationalization efforts; designs programs for companies that want to expand their employees' global management capabilities; and offers global leadership programs tailored to the learning and cultural nuances of the Middle East.

Dubai has emerged as a leading regional commercial hub in the last decade. It combines a business-friendly environment with world-class infrastructure—and its increasingly robust trade, travel, business and investments tie it not only to the rest of the Arab world but also to much of Africa, South Asia and other parts of Asia. 

Moreover, it has excellent logistics, warehousing, transportation facilities and telecommunication networks, and offers a high-quality lifestyle that welcomes nationalities from across the globe. Dubai has become a significant business and human capital development destination that aligns extremely well with Thunderbird’s global profile.

Historically, Thunderbird Executive Education’s business in the Middle East has primarily focused on talent and leadership development in the oil and gas industry. While we will continue to develop capabilities and competencies in this industry, our physical presence in Dubai will allow us to broaden our program offerings to clients both in the region and around the world.

Thunderbird Global Innovation Center

DIFC Innovation Hub, Gate Avenue, South Zone, Level 1

Unit 176/178

DIFC, Dubai, UAE

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