Brand Usage Guidelines

Thunderbird Brand Guide

The brand is the personality—the look, the feel, the message—that Thunderbird projects to new and prospective customers, the competitive industry, its vendors and within Thunderbird itself. A successful brand image triggers positive emotional and mental associations with everyone Thunderbird touches.

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Thunderbird Photo/Recording Release Form

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Thunderbird Messaging Guide

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Business Cards

Please email your department administrator to order new business cards. If you do not know who your department admin is, contact Kyle Cardinal and let him know you need new Thunderbird business cards. Kyle will give you the list of Dokshop account-holders at Thunderbird.

business cardbusiness card


Electronic Letterhead

Thunderbird-ASU Cobranded Letterhead in electronic format:



For those departments in need of branded envelope stock, please submit your order through Prisma Dokshop.



The Thunderbird School of Global Management logo is the centerpiece of the visual brand. The logo is the institution's primary identification element and is used across all media platforms in advertising and marketing. It is original artwork and must not be altered, redrawn or modified in any way. If you have a special request or need a different file format, please contact Thunderbird Marketing.

Horizontal orientation:


Download: JPG | PNG

Vertical (Stacked) orientation:


Download: JPG | PNG


Thunderbird (with tag):

tbird logo with tag

Download: JPG | PNG


Center of Excellence logos:

Moscow, Russia:

Thunderbird Moscow Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Geneva, Switzerland:

Thunderbird Geneva Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Tokyo, Japan:

Thunderbird Tokyo Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Seoul, South Korea:

Thunderbird Seoul Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Nairobi, Kenya:

Thunderbird Nairobi Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Dubai, UAE:

Thunderbird Dubai Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Jakarta, Indonesia

Thunderbird Jakarta Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Los Angeles, CA

Thunderbird LA Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Washington, DC:

Thunderbird DC Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Shangai, China:

Thunderbird Shangai Logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Executive Education Logos

Executive Education Logo

Download: PNG | Reversed


Primary Color Palette

The Pantone colors should be used wherever possible, with CMYK/RGB being matched as closely as possible depending on the materials and print process. The Thunderbird Visual Identity consists of three colors:

Pantone 2955c
CMYK: 100/85/35/33
RGB: 0/46/95
HEX #002e5f

Pantone 123c
CMYK: 0/21/88/0
RGB: 255/200/46
HEX #ffc627

Pantone 443c
CMYK: 43/35/35/1
RGB: 153/153/153
HEX #999999



Secondary Colors

The secondary color palette contains four accent colors. These colors should be utilized for more complex executions, and for certain identified external-facing products outside of the main Thunderbird offerings. 

CMYK: 95/37/5/0
RGB: 0/130/192
HEX #0082c0

CMYK: 25/2/0/0
RGB: 192/221/234
HEX #c0ddea

CMYK: 61/23/100/6
RGB: 113/149/0
HEX #719500

CMYK: 0/69/100/47
RGB: 146/72/19
HEX #924813



Electronic Resources

Branded Powerpoint Template

Please use this template to build your Thunderbird Powerpoint Presentations.




Email Signature

For use in the first email of a discussion, and when communicating with outside parties, simply copy everything below, paste into your Outlook (editable) signature and customize (if needed):

Joseph Thunderbird
Job Title |
Thunderbird Department |
Thunderbird School of Global Management
o: 555.555.5555  c: 555.555.5555  |
 Apply today    Refer a Future Thunderbird    Hire a Tbird  
#Thunder4IR | #tbirdlife |

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Times Higher Education/Wall Street Journal 2019

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