Transformative  Leadership & Innovation for Competitiveness

Transformative Leadership & Innovation for Competitiveness

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The Global Challenges

Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) and Arizona State UniversityThe world is changing at a rapid pace never seen before with technology taking center stage as a major catalyst. In this era of constant change, successful global business and government leaders must be knowledgeable of technology trends and must understand new models to foster innovation.

The Challenge for Business

Technology is expanding exponentially, disrupting industries and shaking global economies.

How can existing businesses be transformed and benefit from technology trends to enhance competitive advantage?

 The Challenge for Governments

Governments play a central role in competitiveness, often influencing, and being influenced by, markets and business disruptions.

What are the innovation policy frameworks needed to catalyze this?

TLIC Program

TLIC is an intensive, 6-day, action-oriented program led by a team of diverse global facilitators hand-picked from within the ASU and GFCC networks. Participants will be exposed to tech trends, innovation frameworks and new models to assist leaders through this period of change.  
The program will:

  • Be organized as a series of strategic plenary sessions coupled with break out government and business tracks
  • Utilize a blend of team building exercises and simulations, project-based engagements and living labs, panels and lessons from the trenches sessions.
  • Include pre and post-program engagement.

Participants will walk away with commitments to actionable strategies and an enhanced global network to help catalyze change in their organization.

The Global Competitiveness Academy concept

The GCA is a distinct and intensive learning framework – building off the assets of the GFCC and ASU – that will develop a new cadre of global business and government leaders attuned to the drivers of competitiveness and sustainable economic growth. Faculty include thought leaders from diverse backgrounds and experience.

Day 1

Leadership & Transformation

Day 2

Transformation, Insight & Foresight

Day 3

Leading through Transformation

Day 4


Day 5


Day 6

Ideas into




TLIC Learning Journey

Designed as a learning journey to catalyze change within global business and government leaders, participants will come together to:

  • Develop a connected global community of business innovators and competitiveness changemakers.
  • Explore technology trends and innovation models from both industry and geographic perspectives
  • Exchange best practices in competitiveness strategies

TLIC Learning Journey

Track 1: Business Transformation

TLIC - Journey Track 1

Business leaders will:

  • Explore the ways business is being directly affected by technology growth.
  • Empower business transformation by taking advantage of technology and new business  and organizational models.


Track 2: Government Transformation

TLIC - Journey Track 2 Government

Government leaders will:

  • Identify, train and develop an emerging class of global policy and character-based government leaders.
  • Engage in dialogue around cutting-edge competitiveness concepts and tools for government transformation.



Applications are required for TLIC. To be considered for the program, applicants must submit an online application, a copy of their resume and completing all questions in their entirety.

We are also asking applicants to create and submit a video covering the topics listed below. Copy and paste the YouTube, Vimeo or other video-sharing service URL in the appropriate section of the application process. Please keep the video to 3 minutes or less and make sure you address the following areas:

  • An introduction to yourself (name, company or organization you work for, title).
  • Why you think you will make a good participant and contribute to the class experience.
  • What do you plan to achieve/do after the program?
  • How will the program help you to make impact in your organizational reality?

Application decisions will be made within 5 business days of receipt of application.


The Investment

Standard Price
$8,950 per participant


Program price is inclusive of:

  • All Faculty in-class delivery across the 6-day program.
  • In-class handouts and associated session materials.
  • Digital learning portal for program materials and logistical information.
  • Certificates of Completion.
  • Food and beverage during in-class sessions and designated dinners.


Costs participants will be responsible for include:

  • Airfare to and from Tempe, Arizona USA for the program.
  • Accommodations during the program. Recommendations for lodging will be provided.
  • Food and beverage outside of designated program activities.




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