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Hone your global management skills

Thunderbird offers a suite of classroom- and online-based executive and professional development programs designed to challenge business leaders to think and manage more effectively in a constantly evolving and turbulent international world. The unparalleled curriculum, the distinguished faculty and the diverse cultural and professional networking opportunities combine to create an ideal learning experience.

Upcoming In-Person Programs:

Global Mindset & Agility

Global Mobility

International Business Acumen Business of Energy, Oil & Gas

Our programs are designed to work with your lifestyle and learning style while offering maximum impact:

  • Select a single program or package them in a fashion that suits your needs.
  • Attend a top-ranked program in person or online.
  • Build on your learning by engaging in additional programs with a repeat-customer discount.
  • Earn continuing education credit for your professional development work.


Thunderbird Executive Education offers classroom-based programs in a variety of global management disciplines. While several programs are offered as stand-alone solutions, the majority of our classroom programs are delivered as Journeys—comprehensive programs that are designed to be taken in succession to deliver an in-depth, full-circle learning experience in a particular global management focus area.