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Chapter Connections September 2017

September 26, 2017


Berlin- Enjoyed their second BBQ those attending Chapter Leader Dominik Hess '01, Cynthia & Alexander Gloger '92, Tracy Prentiss ‘98, Roland Quast '02, Gregory Linker '78, Mario Segvic '06, Ben Wilhem '03 , Charles Julien '86 & spouses.

Ft. Lauderdale – August 29th gathering those attending: Alberto Galofre '96, Brian Jameson '10 & Soledad Di Paola, Homayoun Ansari '77, Chapter Leader Karl Palsgaard '11, Michael Haerting '82 & Aileen, Rosa Isela Velasco '15 & Stephen McCarthy '09.

Delhi – August alumni gathering.


San Francisco 40+ - Saturday, August 26th Tbirds and their close friends gathered in sunny Silicon Valley to enjoy an 'End of Summer Picnic & BBQ Party'. Organizers were Patty Trosclair '90, Gladys Zygadlo '82, and Bert Wank '01, our host. Our group included three "Thunder-Couples", a record for our parties! Front row, L to R: Nancy Westcott ‘76, Keith Meyer ‘92, Mari Suzuki ‘91, Bo Gan ‘03, Patty Trosclair ‘90, Mark Hornor ‘85. Middle row, L to R: Alan Beber ‘82, Donah Kalens ‘95, Bert Wank ‘01. Back row, L to R: Claudia Hess ‘86, Bart Westcott ‘76, Gladys Zygadlo ‘82, Mia Nacke ‘00, Peter Gunther Nacke ‘95.

San Francisco 40+ Thundercouples - L to R, front row: Keith Meyer ’92 & Mari Suzuki ’91, Mia ‘00 & Peter Gunther Nacke ‘95, Top row: Bart ‘76 & Nancy Westcott ‘76.

Orange County – Hot & Spicy BBQ Pool Party August 26th. Those in attendance: Xavier Zatizabal, '91

Chapter Leader John DeLap '83, Ketan Parekh '83, Klara Farkas '93, Eugene Esparza '01, Simon Kings '79, Maria Piperova '03, Kris Vesa '96, Francisco Lopez '10, Kristina Spindler '96, John Sieh '79, Barbara Crofts '76, Tania Van Ranst-Yamauchi '09, David Perry '95 & Becca Clarke ’12.

South Florida - Nicolas Eterovic '06, Brian Jameson '10, Soledad di Paola Jameson, Jane Iversen '15, Gilberto Corona, Matthew Levy '96, Tina Lu '02, Jonaki Moitra '15, Steve Novak '89, Chapter Leader Karl Palsgaard '11 & John Viault '92.

DC- Had a Chinese cultural dinner and speaker event in August in Lieu of a first Tuesday in partnership with INSEAD.

Chennai- August First Tuesday.


Chapter Connections September 2017

Anchorage- Karen Marquardt ‘89, Chapter Leader Gary Miller ‘73 and his wife Susan got together in Homer.

Silicon Valley – September First Tuesday.

Silcon Valley – Sunday September 17th  BBQ.


New England – Associate Director for Alumni Engagement Robyn McLaughlin, joined Chapter Leader Mary Anne Cleary ’93 and the New England alumni for their September First Tuesday.


Lima - Tbird Thursday in the bar of JW Marriott Hotel. Jorge Cespedes ‘15, Antonieta Alfaro ‘92, Glenn Cameron ‘90, Chapter Leader Sachie Aso ‘14, Mahlon Barash ‘71, Emma Livingston ‘16 and Suzanne Sanchez Thunderbird Recruiting Department.

Amsterdam – September First Tuesday.

Chicago – August First Tuesday.

Salt Lake City - Mid September approximately 45 T-birds gathered for a BBQ at Chapter Leader Tarek Mango’s ’02 Park City home.

Hong Kong – The Chapter leadership team got together to have dinner with Chief Engagement Officer Patrick McDermott on his recent visit to Hong Kong.  L-R: Chapter Leader Kevin Rohrer ’82,  Patrick McDermott, Chapter Leader Marty Jetton ‘87, Angkana Jetton, Tyler McElhaney and Chapter Leader Viola Luo ‘12.


Taipei- A large group of alumni gathered for First Friday, graduation years are from 1990-2016.

Bangkok- Thunderbird Chief Engagement Officer Patrick McDermott met with the Bangkok alumni on Friday September 8th.


Dallas - Adrienne Palmer (T-bird spouse), Peter Petrik '00, Peter Serra '19, Michael Olinger '08, Paul Sanders '98, Nicole Farby '00, Chapter Leader Julie Goodman '12 & Mark Heuchert '95. 


Colorado- A picnic was held at the home of Jesse (’81) and Jeanie Young in Lakewood, Colorado. Some 35 T-birds across multiple generations met, mingled and enjoyed the wonderful Colorado late summer afternoon.

New Orleans - September chapter dinner at Saffron NOLA. 

New York City – September First Tuesday.


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