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Executive Education

Advanced Management Program for Oil & Gas Industry Executives

Chinese National Oil Companies: Restructuring the Red Dragons

October 20, 2017

Andrew Inkpen, Michael Moffett, and Kannan Ramaswamy explore the changing role of Chinese national oil more

Are Megaprojects Worth the Trouble? Lessons from the Oil & Gas Sector

October 18, 2017

Andrew Inkpen, Michael Moffett, and Kannan Ramaswamy explore the challenges impacting Oil & Gas more

It’s Not Just Tech: Disruption Reigns in the Oil & Gas Industry Too

October 16, 2017

Andrew Inkpen, Michael Moffett, and Kannan Ramaswamy explore the role of change, innovation, and disruption in the energy more

Test Your Innovation Intellect

Quiz! Test Your Innovation Intellect

October 16, 2017

How much do you know about business ecosystems, Artificial Intelligence, automation and other digital innovations? Take our quiz!read more

The Future Is Now: Dr. Santanam Helps Business Leaders Embrace AI

The Future Is Now, So Embrace AI

October 6, 2017

“When you look at today’s technology and how rapidly it’s progressing across multiple industries, you wonder what the future holds for all of us,” says W. P. Carey professor Raghu Santanam. “Most products and services today are now part of a complex business ecosystem.”’ Dr. Santanam's upcoming one-day workshop will help participants devise strategies to succeed through Artificial Intelligence and more

Business Ecosystems Growing into a Digital Future

Business Ecosystems Growing into a Digital Future

October 6, 2017

The word “ecosystem” comes from ecology – the interconnected world of plants, animals and organisms – but it’s also a concept taking root in the business world. W. P. Carey professor Raghu Santanam is teaching a workshop on ecosystems that offer opportunities and challenges for the future of digital more

What's Better for Me? Online or In-Person Executive Development

September 25, 2017

This article is part of a series of FAQs with Thunderbird Executive Education about the value of continued executive development and lifelong learning. With everything from knitting to rocket science taught via web-based platforms these days, we should no longer assume the choice between online vs... read more

Why Bother with Executive Development?

Degree or Non-Degree? That Is the Question.

September 24, 2017

Executive development is a must in today's competitive marketplace. But not everyone has the time, financial resources or need to pursue an advanced degree program. Executive development courses deliver up-to-the-minute graduate-level training but save on time and expense. The choice is more

Transform Tension into Collaboration

Experiential Learning Leads to More ‘Aha!’ Moments

September 13, 2017

Does this sound familiar? A group of employees is assembled to solve a complex problem, but instead of finding a swift solution, the group’s dynamics create entirely new more

transform tension into collaboration

When Tension Transforms into Collaboration

September 13, 2017

Admit it, the word “tension” just sounds negative. But what if we’re looking at it all wrong? After all, tension is a form of more