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Careers Don’t Take Straight lines - Be Patient with the Twists and Turns in Your Career

October 17, 2019

For Sean Kerrigan (‘05), the path to becoming the National Director for World Vision Rwanda has been one of twists, turns, humility, patience, and persistent optimism. He grew up on the edge of the Amazon jungle in Shell, Ecuador where his father was the only surgeon in the Eastern half of the country and his mother was a nurse. He describes a “wonderful childhood”, running around the jungle with his 4 brothers and keeping monkeys and parrots as pets. From Ecuador, his family moved to Kenya where he completed his secondary school education and then eventually came to the United States for his degree in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (‘00).read more

Together with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, Thunderbird Dean Dr. Sanjeev Khagram and Indonesia Alumni built two decent houses for families in need.

A New Place to Call Home

September 16, 2019

Habitat’s Susanto Samsudin turned a career in global business into a life doing good It’s not uncommon for a Habitat for Humanity project to be supported by a group of volunteers from an alumni organization. Friends and former classmates often take time to step up and help build a house, creating a home for people in their community. What is unusual is what one Thunderbird graduate did after volunteering to build those first few more

Micronesian Seaweed Farm is Fertile Ground  for Solomon Frank’s Humanitarian Goals

Micronesian Seaweed Farm is Fertile Ground for Solomon Frank’s Humanitarian Goals

August 1, 2019

Ask Solomon Frank about his typical workday after launching a start-up on a small tropical isle and he will talk about rolling out of a hammock for a day that includes fishing and swimming. Fishing is for sustenance; swimming is how he gets to work. There is no checking email or seeing what the stock markets are doing because there is no Internet on the island. But pigs and chickens do get his and his co-workers’ daily attention; so do some food more

Project Dreamcatcher

Project DreamCatcher Empowers Native American Business Women

May 24, 2019

Lydelle Davies is a member of the Navajo nation and a recent graduate of Project DreamCatcher, a one-week business training program for Native American women funded by Freeport-McMoRan and implemented by Thunderbird School of Global Management. Lydelle believes that Project DreamCatcher allows participants to grow from the knowledge that a renowned institution like Thunderbird can provide. “It’s a huge deal,” said Davies, who is a graduate of Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. “People who are part of the Thunderbird School of Global Management are global leaders. It is pretty impressive.”read more

Can Development Aid Reduce International Migration?

Can Development Aid Reduce International Migration?

October 16, 2018

In response to concerns about immigration, Western governments are increasingly turning to foreign aid as a solution, reasoning that aid addresses root causes, deterring migration by encouraging economic growth and employment. New research by Thunderbird Professor Jonas Gamso has found that aid doesn't always work like that, yet one type of aid does have a deterring effect on more

Graduate Pays It Forward with Paper Airplanes

October 10, 2018

Life has its interesting turns and twists, and sometimes gives you a rare chance to pay forward for the generous gifts you have received in the past. This was very apparent to me during the campus tribute in April 2018, where I was able to clearly see the arc of my life and how Thunderbird both helped me advance and afforded me the tools to support others in pursuing their more