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Freeport-McMoRan created DreamBuilder in partnership with Thunderbird for Good. This unique online business training program helps women build their dream of starting or growing their own business. Practical, convenient and fun, DreamBuilder leads women step-by-step through the basics of business. In addition to the interactive courses, students have access to helpful tools and templates. An innovative Business Plan Generator guides the learner in the creation of a business plan. DreamBuilder is available in Spanish and English.

Teaching through Telenovela and Animations

People make time for things they enjoy. By infusing DreamBuilder with storytelling elements and interactive games and videos, online learning becomes fun for the women who participate.

The Spanish-language DreamBuilder’s centerpiece is a telenovela (soap opera) that tells the stories of four fictional women entrepreneurs as they start or grow their ventures. Along the way, the protagonists overcome challenges and achieve success. The English-language DreamBuilder includes an animated series featuring Sara, an entrepreneur who starts her own wellness business. The stories not only entertain participants, but also reinforce business principles. See the trailer of the telenovela or sample of the animations.    


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