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Tion Barnaby ’15

Why Thunderbird?

“I was attracted to Thunderbird because I knew it would afford me the opportunity to work and interact with highly intelligent and diversified students. Thunderbird has an excellent reputation and group of professors. I knew Thunderbird would act as a catalyst to help me achieve my goals and amplify my personal philosophy to positively impact the lives of others. All in all, I believe Thunderbird will offer me opportunities to expand my talents as a leader, inspire and motivate others, and achieve extraordinary results.”

How is Thunderbird a perfect fit for you?

“I’ve always been curious by nature and have never been afraid to ask questions. I believe life is short and our goal should be to make the best out of every situation we have: to adapt, to innovate and ultimately to impact our surroundings positively. T-birds are known for making impacts around the world and that is the type of mission I can identify with wholeheartedly. Plus, through my work experience I have learned that working in a team is extremely important and knowing when to step up and take charge or take responsibility is equally important. This belief has definitely help to shape me as a good fit for Thunderbird.”

What attracted you to Thunderbird for your graduate business studies?

“Thunderbird inspired me to think outside of my comfort zone. The school truly has a global mindset and realizes that the world is becoming more connected. Thunderbird’s diverse student body provides international exposure to another degree. Thunderbird’s goal ultimately supports my goal: to be adaptable by gaining the necessary skills to thrive in any global climate.”

What does Thunderbird offer that other business schools do not?

“Thunderbird makes you feel like part of the family from the start, and that explains why the school has such a successful alumni network of 40,000 strong. Thunderbird’s strength is its network of people and access to individuals who work and live in over 140 countries, who have experienced everything I have experienced and will experience while on campus.”

Where do you hope your Thunderbird experience will take you?

“I plan to begin my career in the private equity industry. I have a deep interest in finance and hope to gain valuable experience. I believe that my interactions with fellow innovative students and faculty will forge a stronger sense of self awareness and development, cementing my vision of constructing true opportunities for myself and other individuals.”

More about Tion…

Languages spoken - English and learning a second language at Thunderbird

Academic background - Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of the West Indies; Active in Banking League, University Marketing Associations (PR officer), Rotaract Club

Professional background - Claims processor at Guardian Life Ltd. in Jamaica

Personal tidbit - Supported Jamaica’s youth by, every week, helping kids in a children’s home with their homework (through Rotaract Club); representing a Jamaican youth think-tank at a UN meeting (discussing Post Millennium goals of 2015); and writing a proposal called “Adopt a Youth Group” aimed at getting funding for a police youth group in a Jamaican community