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Welcome to Thunderbird!

Congratulations on your acceptance into Thunderbird. 

Your global journey is about to begin! As a T-bird, the world is completely open to you. You will study global management alongside peers from different parts of the world and, for those who have a study abroad component, you will experience hands-on, regional dynamics. We look forward to discovering where the world's leading international business school will lead you.

Now that you are officially admitted to Thunderbird, there are a few remaining things to finalize. The "Next Steps" boxes below will walk you through these tasks step-by-step. 

Important Next Steps

*You must complete all outstanding items listed under "My Tasks" on your my.asu.edu home page before you can register for classes. You will find the class registration link in the "My Classes" section on your my.asu.edu home page. Note: Registration must be completed before the required Foundations progam on campus.