About Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors

Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Campus Ambassadors (CAs) are an elite group of students from around the world serving as ambassadors and leaders for the school. A team who builds and strengthens the international brand of Thunderbird by working with prospective and current students, local and global businesses, community organizations, and the Thunderbird alumni network.

Through their tireless efforts, CAs conduct historic and technological tours of our campus, host on-campus speakers, networking events, and spearhead other impactful initiatives aimed at recruiting the next generation of thunderbirds. Their unwavering commitment to academic excellence, coupled with their unmatched leadership capacity, distinguishes them as the top 20% of their class and affirms their reputation amongst faculty and peers.

Truly, the Campus Ambassadors are a veritable embodiment of the Thunderbird ethos, personifying the values of global citizenship, visionary leadership, and unwavering dedication to academic and professional excellence.

Arunima Gupta - Campus Ambassador

Arunima Gupta

Director of Marketing & External Affairs - Campus Ambassadors
Matthew Derminio - Campus Ambassador

Matthew Derminio

Director of Student Engagement & Internal Affairs - Campus Ambassadors