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Stockholm European Reunion - July 2018

Please join Thunderbirds from Scandinavia, Europe and around the world when the Swedish Alumni host you in the beautiful city of Stockholm. 22 hours of daylight at this time of year! And if you decide to extend your trip to see more of Sweden, maybe go north to the midnight sun? Or to the island of Gotland? Just let us know and we will help as much as we can.

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A connection that lasts a lifetime

Talk to any Thunderbird alum and you will hear the same thing: Thunderbird changes your life. It changes your career. It changes your mindset. And, it most definitely changes the global breadth of your network.

From day one, T-birds become part of a vast global network of like-minded professionals spread around the world. Whether you’re doing business in the US, in a metropolitan global hub or in an impoverished village in a third-world country, you will find local T-birds on the ground and ready to help you tackle your business and cultural challenges.


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As an alum, you are Thunderbird’s greatest asset. Your experience, your global mindset and your unwavering accessibility is priceless. Share your expertise and personal insights with the next generation of T-birds by becoming a Thunderbird Mentor. In this role, you can help today’s Thunderbird students achieve professional and personal growth on a global scale. 

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