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Become a Mentor

Program Objective

Sign up to become a mentor for a Thunderbird student! Our alumni can give back in a meaningful way by helping current T-birds achieve professional and personal growth. By participating in a mentoring relationship, mentees can leverage the expertise, wisdom and experience that their mentors have accumulated during their careers. Mentees are given the opportunity to have a relevant perspective from someone who has previously been a student at Thunderbird and is now a successful professional.

Mentors, as Thunderbird alumni, will have the opportunity to advise students on academic success, career interests, industry trends & opportunities and initial employment guidance. They will primarily advise the mentees on how best to benefit from and contribute to Thunderbird’s alumni network.

Matching Principles

Students and alumni will be matched based on their professional and personal profiles, including but not limited to the following attributes: professional experience, industry expertise, business function preference, geographical location/origin, and personal interests.

Matching of students will begin as soon as they start their Thunderbird journey and before arriving on campus. Once students have been accepted into the program and paid their deposit, they will be matched with a mentor to begin preparing for their Thunderbird journey and future career.

Program Expectations

  • Mentors and mentees are asked to dedicate 1 hour per month for their meeting.
  • Each mentor will only be assigned one mentee unless he or she explicitly requests more than one mentee due to availability.
  • Meetings between mentor and mentee may be conducted virtually (e.g., Skype, telephone) or in-person when possible.
  • Both mentor and mentee are required to review all training material provided by Thunderbird in order to ensure the best value of their time.
  • The mentor-mentee relationship is expected to continue through the student’s academic tenure at Thunderbird up until the student’s graduation into the Thunderbird Alumni Network.
A Thunderbird students stands in the student lounge

Connect with a mentee

Make an impact today by mentoring a Thunderbird student via T-bird Connect. Students benefit from amazing mentors like yourself who serve as catalysts for professional and personal development. Activate your account on T-bird Connect and begin making valuable connections with our future global leaders.