Corporate partners program

In today's dynamic business landscape, empowering your workforce with the latest skills and knowledge is essential for achieving a competitive edge. Thunderbird Executive Education's Corporate Partners Program provides a strategic solution for organizations committed to continuous learning and talent development.

Corporate partners benefit from exclusive access to reserved seats in our open enrollment and on demand programs, offered at highly discounted rates. These programs cover a diverse range of topics and industries, ensuring comprehensive skill development for your staff members.

Our partnership model operates on an annual fee basis, with costs determined by the number of reserved seats your organization requires. This structure offers flexibility and accessibility to organizations of all sizes and sectors, accommodating varying training needs and budgets.

With over 25 open enrollment and on demand programs offered throughout the year, your employees have guaranteed placement and can choose courses that align with their professional development goals. We work closely with organizational leadership to tailor program selections, ensuring they meet specific management development needs, and provide comprehensive account management support for a seamless experience.

Subscription plans

platinum plan


  • Open enrollment seats: 75
  • On demand seats: 50
  • Signature program seats: 10
  • Total value: $213,250 USD
  • Cost: $149,275 USD
  • Discount: 30%

gold plan


  • Open enrollment seats: 50
  • On demand seats: 25
  • Signature program seats: NA
  • Total value: $99,750 USD
  • Cost: $74,812 USD
  • Discount: 25%

Silver Plan


  • Open enrollment seats: 25
  • On demand seats: 10
  • Signature program seats: NA
  • Total value: $52,350 USD
  • Cost: $41,880 USD
  • Discount: 20%

All subscription plans include exclusive access to a resume book featuring current Thunderbird Executive Education student resumes.

Open enrollment programs

Open Enrollment Programs

Our curated portfolio of open enrollment programs covers a wide range of topics in areas of leadership and management, finance, digital transformation and technology, marketing, and sustainability and ESG. We also offer longer-format signature programs in Space Leadership, Business, and Policy, Going Global, Strategies for international Expansion, and Leading for Success in Emerging Markets. Programs are offered around the globe to accommodate learners close to home.

We also award an Executive Certificate in Business Administration for participants who complete three core courses plus two electives from our portfolio of two-day courses.

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On demand programs

We also offer on-demand programs that enable participants to learn at their own pace. Courses include pre-recorded lectures, case studies, and exercises designed for your specific needs. This flexible format empowers participants to enhance their skills and update their knowledge without disrupting your work commitments.

Our online learning platform provides access to a diverse range of topics and industries, ensuring comprehensive skill development. Participants can engage with interactive learning materials and collaborate with peers worldwide, fostering a dynamic online learning community.

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on demand programs


Access to top-quality programs

Members of the Thunderbird Executive Education Corporate Partners Program receive access to a portfolio of over 25 open enrollment programs and 10+ on demand programs. There are three different subscription levels to meet the organizations’ needs.

Flexible learning

Tailored to your convenience and schedule, Thunderbird Executive Education has designed our programs to offer flexibility with options for in-person, online, or on-demand learning.


Your annual fee not only secures reserved spots for your staff in our open enrollment and on demand programs but also offers discounts of up to 30% per seat, ensuring cost-effective access to high-quality professional development opportunities.

Personalized guidance

Knowledgeable staff from the Thunderbird team will work closely with you to answer questions about program content and to assist you in identifying the appropriate open enrollment programs for the professional development needs of your employees.

Digital badge

Upon completion of our open enrollment programs, Thunderbird awards digital badges that are easily shareable across digital platforms like LinkedIn. These badges serve as a tangible symbol of achievement, validating the knowledge acquired during programs.


Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion serves as a tangible credential, enhancing one's professional credibility and marketability. It's a testament to one's competence and dedication, with lasting benefits for career progression and personal development


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