Integrating Compassion into the Financial Services Industry e-book

Companies thrive when they have both a productive business philosophy and a motivated workforce whose voices are heard, but achieving such goals isn’t always easy amid the pressures and myriad demands of a typical work environment. An inspiring new book, with a novel approach, documents the importance and value of compassion in a business setting for both corporate culture and client relations to achieve optimal organizational purpose.

Integrating Compassion into the Financial Services Industry: A Guide and Personal Reflections from Leaders in Finance brings together testimony from leaders at global banks and investment firms with insights from scholars in academia whose studies include the components of compassion such as generosity and forgiveness. Launched at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University on February 22, 2024, it is intended as a practical handbook that can guide its readers to build a better, more compassionate, and peaceful world.

Scientific data and specific examples from practitioners in the financial services industry demonstrate how compassion helps overcome obstacles, supports sound decision-making, and fosters innovation. Contributors explore the tension between compassion and profitability and the way that compassion contributes to good governance in pursuit of both operational excellence and revenue generation. They also discuss the role of compassion in effective leadership and how it can help us learn from failure. Case studies provide real-world examples.

Authors include executives from MUFG, Bank of America, Apollo Asset Management, Franklin Templeton, and Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, supported by the key partnership of White & Case LLP. The result is a joint effort in the common interest and does not favor or represent the official view of any specific organization.

The book concludes with straightforward, practical exercises designed to help readers learn the techniques of incorporating compassion into both our work lives and our personal lives.

“Integrating compassion into business improves listening and collaboration across teams,” says Barbara Barrett, former Secretary of the U.S. Air Force and an early advocate for the value of compassion in professional life. “The result is a stronger, more focused, and more inclusive approach to business that benefits everyone involved. This book offers a clear, comprehensive guide on how to take your company to that next level.”

Integrating Compassion into the Financial Services Industry is available as an e-book at no cost below or you may download it here.