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Supporting the Thunderbird global network through knowledge and training

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The Purpose of our Centers

As we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, executives, managers, students, and entrepreneurs are facing new challenges. At Thunderbird we are dedicated to helping these individuals and their organizations overcome the challenges and realize the tremendous opportunities of this new era. Our centers support this mission by providing unique encouragement and resources to the Thunderbird global network.

A. Masrin Center for Global Entrepreneurship and Family Business

The A. Masrin Center fosters an engaged community of family businesses, offices and enterprises that embrace technology and are globally focused and impact oriented. Linking family business and entrepreneurship, we help leaders focus on inclusion and diversity, promote female leadership and build sustainability across generations.

Image of Masrin standing in front of the Masrin Center sign at Thunderbird Global Headquarters
Image of students in the Space Leadership program underneath a rocket during a site visit.

Thunderbird Initiative for Space Leadership, Policy, and Business

We serve as a hub for academic-industry-governmental collaboration in space research, education and development. We bring scholars, executives, founders, policymakers, and military officers together to address industry, national, and global challenges.

Najafi Global Mindset Institute

The Najafi Global Mindset Institute is the preeminent source for the science and practice of global leadership. The Institute offers a full-spectrum approach to defining, measuring and developing an individual’s or organization’s ability to influence people unlike themselves.

Image of Thunderbird Alumnus Francis Najafi with global leaders receiving awards.

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