Thunderbird's STEM-designated Bachelor of Science in international Trade (BSIT) provides rigorous training for a career in global commerce.

The BSIT program provides talented, driven students the exposure to the global business environment that will distinguish them in the workforce. Students learn the functional disciplines of international business while gaining an in-depth understanding of the political, cultural and economic aspects of doing business on a global scale and in international markets in which government regulations vary widely from country to country.

Supported by Thunderbird's training that builds a global mindset, students gain tools for managing supply chains, systematically assessing risk, exporting and importing goods and services, and using economic agreements to develop effective strategies for conducting international trade.

This program is unique in allowing students to learn new skills needed for a career in international trade through comprehensive, hands-on training and to apply these skills during a local, national, or international internship. Along with real-world learning experiences that open up global career opportunities, students attend courses taught by outstanding Thunderbird graduate school faculty and enjoy unique opportunities to learn from fellow students from around the world.


Who should attend?

  • Students interested in international careers in trade and business.
  • International students who want to take advantage of an additional 2 years option OPT offered by STEM-certified programs.
  • Students seeking careers where an in-depth understanding of the political, cultural, and economic aspects of doing business on a global scale are needed.


Core curriculum

Visit ASU's Major Map to learn more details about the BSIT's 120-credit curriculum.


Course Credits Dates
Term 1
TGM 101: Principles of Global Management    
CIS 105: Computer Applications & Info. Tech.    
ENG 101 or ENG 103: First-year Composition OR    
ENG 105: Advanced First-year Composition OR    
ENG 107 or ENG 108: First year Composition    
MAT 210: Brief Calculus    
TGM 191: First-year Seminar    
Term 2
TGM 204: Principles of Marketing for Global Organizations    
COM 225: Public Speaking    
ENG 101 or ENG 102: First-year Composition OR    
ENG 105: Advanced First-year Composition OR    
ENG 107 OR ENG 108: First-year Composition    
MAT 211: Mathematics for Business Analysis    
Humanities, Arts and Design    
Term 3
TGM 200: Principles of Accounting for Global Organizations    
ENC 211: Macroeconomic Principles    
Cultural Diversity in the U.S.    
Historical Awareness    
Natural Science- Quantitative    
Term 4
STP 226: Elements of Statistics    
ENC 212: Microeconomic Principles    
Humanities, Arts and Design    
Natural Science- Quantitative OR    
National Science- General    
Term 5
LES 305: Business Law and Ethics for Managers OR    
PHI 306: Applied Ethics OR    
PHI 360: Business and Professional Ethics OR    
PHI 406: Moral Dilemmas    
TGM 468: States and Markets in a Global Economy    
ECN 306: Survey of International Economics    
TGM 310: Supply Chain Operations for Global Organizations    
TGM 312: Big Data in the Global Economy    
TGM 391: Global Business and Professional Development Skills    
Term 6
TGM 353: Regional Management Environment    
TGM 300: Principles of Finance for Global Organizations    
TGM 430: International Trade and Regional Economic Agreements    
2 Elective Courses    
Term 7
TGM 484: Internship    
TGM 489: Multinational Organizational Leadership    
TGM 460: Global Risk Assessment and Management    
Upper Division Elective    
Term 8
TGM 498: Pro-Seminar    
TGM 478: Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation    
Upper Division Elective    
Two Electives    


Financial aid and costs


Financial aid


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Program costs

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Fees USD$
Application fee (Arizona resident) $50
Application fee (nonresident) $70
Application fees (international) $85
Program cost (Arizona resident) $12,398 per academic year
Program cost (nonresident) $31,238 per academic year 
Program cost (international) $36,699 per academic year 


Faculty and campus

Faculty highlights

Thunderbird Senior Associate Dean Lena Booth

Lena Booth

Deputy Dean, Thunderbird Academic Enterprise and Finance Professor
Thunderbird Professor Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson

Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor

Our campus

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West campus landmarks include the Albert Paley-designed entry gates, extensive public art, and at the center of campus, Fletcher Lawn. This commons is a contemporary homage to traditional university education, as is the Oxford-inspired architecture around it on the courtyard-fashioned campus.

Requirements and deadlines

Application requirements

Application deadlines

Apply early for priority admission and financial aid consideration.

Deadline Dates
Fall admission application opens July 1, 2021
Priority admission deadline Nov 1, 2021
Regular admission deadline Jan 15, 2022
Late admission for first-year and international students May 1, 2022
Admission deadline for transfer students July 1, 2022


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