Global Carbon Removal Partnership Task Force

A critical partnership to mitigate the effects of climate change


A critical step in preventing the worst impacts of climate change, carbon removal refers to human-driven natural and technological approaches to taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and sequestering it for long periods of time, ideally 100 years or more. The purpose of the Global Carbon Removal Partnership Task Force is to mobilize bold and transformative action to accelerate deployment of urgently needed solutions at scale. 

Leveraging the technologies and capacities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Task Force will advance timely and critical policies, new markets, investments and business opportunities, and scientific and technological development. It will also advance citizen action to rapidly accelerate carbon removal and storage around the world. 


  • Catalyze and mobilize committed constituencies – national/local governments, private sector, civic groups, youth-led movements, academia, and multilateral agencies – to join forces in a partnership to achieve the ambitious goal of restoring a safe and healthy climate for future generations
  • Develop and refine carbon removal strategies, typologies, and specific deployment criteria for solution types in/on the stratosphere, troposphere, land, oceans, and cryosphere
  • Harness data through modeling, sensors, and predictive analytics to guide deployment and monitoring of carbon removal solutions
  • Broker funding through traditional and innovative financing approaches for go-to-market
  • Establish specific time-bound, measurable goals and targets to ensure that we successfully return atmospheric CO2 to proven safe pre-industrial levels by 2050
  • Catalyze partners to deploy carbon removal solutions with measures of impact and monitoring of safety, efficiency, and effectiveness, while driving advocacy to overcome political, policy, and regulatory bottlenecks
  • Catalyze deployment of carbon removal research, demonstrations and at scale implementation, leveraging the full capacities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Scale carbon removal solutions through market-driven approaches with catalytic support from governments and funding sources
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The Partnership’s mission is to catalyze a global effort to accelerate deployment of urgently-needed solutions at scale. Now, there is an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize a broad range of global stakeholders in support of the rapid scale-up of carbon removal actions. Through this innovative global partnership, we will mobilize bold and transformative action to ensure the survival and flourishing of humanity.