Jonas Gamso

Assistant Professor of International Trade


I am Assistant Professor of International Trade and Global Studies in the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, where I teach classes and conduct research related to global political economy, international development, and research methods.

My primary research focus is on trade between developing countries, and the impacts of this sort of trade for sustainable development.  I also conduct studies on the relationships between foreign aid and international migration. 

My research has been published (or is forthcoming) in International Studies Quarterly, World Development, Latin American Perspectives, Journal of International Relations and Development, Journal of Environment & Development, Policy Sciences, and Environmental Policy and Governance.


Jonas Gamso and Farhod Yuldashev. Forthcoming. “Targeted Foreign Aid and International Migration: Is Development-Promotion an Effective Immigration Policy?” International Studies Quarterly.

Jonas Gamso. Forthcoming. “Environmental Policy Impacts of Trade with China and the Moderating Effect of Governance.” Environmental Policy and Governance.

Jonas Gamso. Forthcoming. “Trade-Based Adoption of Voluntary Environmental Programs in the Developing World: Racing to the Top or Stuck in the Mud?” Policy Sciences.

Jonas Gamso. Forthcoming. “South-South Trade and the Trade-Based Diffusion of Labor Rights: Do Developing Countries Race to the Top when they Trade with the South?”  Journal of International Relations and Development.

Jonas Gamso and Farhod Yuldashev. 2018. “Does Rural Development Aid Reduce International Migration?World Development 110: 268-282. 

Jonas Gamso. 2017. “Trade Partnerships and Environmental Performance in Developing Countries.” Journal of Environment and Development 26 (4): 375-399.

Jonas Gamso. 2016. “A Case of Diversified Dependency: Macrostructural Change and Policy Alternatives in Ecuador.” Latin American Perspectives 43 (1): 109-123.


Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
TGM 576Global Affairs Methods
Fall 2017
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TGM 468States and Markets
TGM 505States & Markets
Spring 2017
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TGM 505States & Markets
TGM 537Gbl Trade & Econ Agreements
TGM 598Special Topics