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Cycles of Change in Santiago

September 10, 2018

TEM Lab, Fall 2018
Chile, Technoserve
Written by Emitt Bryant 

Santiago, Chile in the very early spring. Morning mists break way to warm afternoon sun. Young buds and new leaves are starting to appear on trees lining the boulevards. There could be no better setting for taking on a project aimed at revitalization. Our team, Ashley Rhodes, Mohammed El Suhimi, Ted Leopold, Andres Rebolledo, and Emitt Bryant, has been working with our client, TechnoServe, to renew certain organizational processes to make them more efficient so that they can continue to bring about change around the globe. 

TEM Lab in Chile

Changing scenery in Santiago

TechnoServe is a non-governmental organization with over 50 years of experience in 29 countries. Their mission is to provide “business solutions to poverty”. Currently, they have projects across Central and South America, Africa and India. Our team has been working alongside them to review processes and innovate ways to streamline them. Specifically, we are creating ways to help get TechnoServe’s exemplary best practices more quickly to those who need them.

TEM Lab in Chile

Ted and Mohammed review feedback and make adjustments

Learning as much as we can about the organization in a short period of time has been a challenge for our team. With so many components and a variety of projects, it takes time to review, analyze and innovate. To make this project more productive we are utilizing an iterative design process. The process is simple: determine requirements, create a prototype, test and get feedback, and then refine. Using this cycle repeatedly has not only helped us to focus the scope of our project but it helps us to better understand the needs of the client, ultimately leading to the better outcomes. 

TEM Lab in Chile

Andres and Ashley dig in to understand the recruiting process

By focusing on a growth mindset, we are working to constantly improve both our work and the outcomes for our client. As T-birds, we believe strongly in TechnoServe’s purpose and are excited to help them continue to improve lives through sound business practices. As spring begins to take hold, we look forward to the new opportunities we are helping TechnoServe create.         

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