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Iconic Voices

Emergency operating room

Ego in the Emergency Room

April 20, 2018

In analyzing success rates in the ER, hospitals discovered experience often beats more

Philadelphia Starbucks Protestors

Starbucks Responds To Charges of Racism With An Apology

April 17, 2018

After a customer relations snafu turned into a social media nightmare, the iconic consumer brand’s CEO woke up and smelled the more

Jamie Dimon

The Wisdom of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

April 5, 2018

The global banker is second only to Warren Buffett in terms of sound philosophical advice for investors and more

The Weinstein Company’s Harvey Weinstein and his ex-wife, Georgina Chapman

Sex and The Boardroom

March 30, 2018

When a CEO’s intimate affairs lead to divorce, does the company have a right to intrude? Stanford Business School’s David Larcker says it’s a more

David Novak, former CEO Yum Brands! with students of his training program,

David Novak: Millennials Are The Most Misunderstood Generation

March 23, 2018

The former CEO of Yum! Brands inspired over a million people to achieve their personal best. Now he’s teaching a new generation the art of values driven more

Amazon and The Scandalmongers

Amazon and The Scandalmongers

March 8, 2018

Moral hysteria is a weapon of mass confusion: a labor activist alleged that Jeff Bezos is skimping on warehouse wages. Then it turned out the activist forgot to pay its research interns. The Olympic pool at the North Randall Mall before Amazon (photo: For the 850 mostly African... read more

Jeff Bezos: 24 Rules of Corporate Coolness

Jeff Bezos: 24 Rules of Corporate Coolness

February 6, 2018

Why do customers fall in love with some companies and move away from others? If you’re invited to meet with Jeff Bezos, always prepare to reach for a larger purpose. Not long ago, he met with his senior team to discuss the latest customer metrics, but typically, he hijacked the session to talk about something more interesting: why do customers fall in love with some companies and move away from others, as if they gave off an odor?read more

The Worst Gamble of Steve Wynn's Life

The Worst Gamble of Steve Wynn’s Life

February 5, 2018

The media can now add Wynn’s name to the cast of Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer, a Mount Rushmore of sexual harassers. But he has the unfortunate distinction of being the only public company more

Trump's Triumph at Davos

Trump’s Triumph at Davos

January 29, 2018

But the real irony was the warm reception given to Donald Trump’s keynote address. Could this be a sign that Trump has matured? Or was it “The Davos Effect” — if you survive a media onslaught, notoriety turns into celebrity?read more

For Meg Whitman, 61 Is The New 21

For Meg Whitman, 61 Is The New 21

January 25, 2018

Why did the most experienced woman in Silicon Valley, Meg Whitman (61), leave venerable Hewlett Packard to join a mobile content startup venture aptly named NewTV? Because Jeffrey Katzenberg, former co-founder of Dreamworks SKG, asked her more