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Nothing Goes Viral Like a Virus

May 24, 2017

The Mongols taught us if you want something to go viral, absolutely nothing beats a virus. The port of Messina, Sicily receiving ships from the Black Sea What can disruption teach us? Does it destroy or does it transform? Can it revive us? The 14th Century shares its secrets. On October 1347,... read more

You Recover From Losing; Disruption Transforms You

May 22, 2017

Thunderbird Global Series on Disruption What a 73–3 loss by the Scottish Women’s Rugby Team can teach United Airlines about social media, regulations, and disruption. Scotland Women vs Ireland Women Rugby match 2015 (Scotland went down 3–73) Don’t confuse losing with disruption. “ Scotland Women... read more

I had a backchannel to Putin. It means nothing. Jeff Cunningham

I had a backchannel to Putin. It means nothing.

May 19, 2017

In elite Russian society, everyone is connected and that’s catnip to American media and politicians. The American media believes Vlad Putin has the White House wired for sound. My personal opinion, it's just old-fashioned power politics on his end and a confused, hyperventilating American public... read more

Great Leaders

Great Leaders Own These Five Things

May 18, 2017

(Part I of a series on leadership*) When choosing or electing a leader, try to remember that famous Russian expression, “trust, but verify.” Is leadership measurable? Or does it have to be experienced? This was the question I set out to answer. After analysis of great leaders current and historical... read more

Margarete Steiff

Iconic Women: Margarete Steiff

May 18, 2017

Suffering from an incurable disease since one year old, so she learned to sew. Then she created the Teddy Bear. By professor Jeff Cunningham in series. Life changes in a moment On July 24, 1847, in a small Bavarian town in southern Germany, Margarete Steiff woke with a sudden... read more

CAT strategy

Strategy is Not a Game of Chance

May 17, 2017

Befitting a company that sits at the heart of the economic sector called “infrastructure” — Caterpillar Inc. is a believer in a forward-looking, robust strategy development. With good reason. Lengthy tomes are written about how to create corporate strategy. Few companies do it as well as... read more

FW de Klerk

FW de Klerk: The Man Who Ended Apartheid, Freed Mandela and Honored His Country

May 17, 2017

Interview With The Former President of South Africa, Founder Global Leadership Foundation Frederik Willem (FW) de Klerk was a highly successful South African lawyer who could have spent his days happily holed up in a leather bound law library, but when his country was perched on the brink of... read more

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

May 17, 2017

"We are in the world of managing risk, not guessing." Blankfein was interviewed by Jeff Cunningham, professor of global leadership at Thunderbird School of Global Management and they discussed the company’s role in the financial crisis, corporate governance, and protecting firm reputation in this... read more


The Accidental Globalist

May 17, 2017

Greatness is a trick of fate; part timing, discipline, and passion. No one has any idea which comes first. --Jeff Cunningham Posted by professor Jeff Cunningham in series (This is an edited version of a book review on JP Morgan's Reading List, by Caryl M. Stern, President and... read more

Think Global

Think Global, Act Local

May 17, 2017

1347 was a lousy year for Globalism. 670 years later, we are having the same argument. The Hundred Years War was a "melee of din and disorder" according to historian Simon Schama. England and France were bickering over disputed land dating back to William the Conqueror. The world’s first global... read more