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Alumni Network Mentor Program

Message from Allen J. Morrison, CEO and Director General:

I want to ask you to consider becoming a mentor. We will provide initial training on how to get started and monthly e-mail communication with tips and updates to help support you in your mentorship role. Please consider investing a little bit of your time to strengthen the Thunderbird alumni network by connecting with an existing student through our mentor program.

Program objective

Thunderbird’s Mentor Program is designed to be a meaningful catalyst in helping students achieve professional and personal growth. By participating in a mentoring relationship, mentees can leverage the expertise, wisdom and experience that their mentors have accumulated during their careers. Mentees are given the opportunity to have a relevant perspective from someone who has previously been a student at Thunderbird and is now a successful professional.

Mentors, as Thunderbird alumni, will have the opportunity to advise students on academic success, career interests, industry trends and opportunities and initial employment guidance. They will primarily advise the mentees on how best to benefit from and contribute to Thunderbird’s alumni network.

Matching principles

  • Students and alumni will be matched based on their professional and personal profiles, including but not limited to the following attributes: professional experience, industry expertise, business function preference, geographical location/origin and personal interests.
  • A mentor-mentee matching committee is currently being formed for the purpose of matching each alumnus/a to a student.
  • That matching will not be a one-time event with each in-coming class; rather, matching will occur as required throughout the school year, especially once it is opened up to all continuing students.

Program expectations

  • Mentors and mentees are asked to dedicate 1 hour per month for their meeting.
  • Each mentor will only be assigned one mentee unless he or she explicitly requests more than one mentee due to availability.
  • Meetings between mentor and mentee may be conducted virtually (e.g., Skype, telephone) or in-person when possible.
  • Both mentor and mentee are required to review all training material provided by Thunderbird in order to ensure the best value of their time.
  • The mentor-mentee relationship is expected to continue through the student’s academic tenure at Thunderbird up until the student’s graduation into the Thunderbird Alumni Network.

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Other volunteer opportunities

If you are not interested in becoming a mentor at this time, we are still looking for volunteers to help evaluate prospective students who have applied to the full-time Thunderbird degree programs. These are 30-minute telephone/Skype conversations with candidates who have submitted their application and are currently going through the admissions process. If you are interested in volunteering to evaluate these candidates, please contact us at