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Associate Director, Alumni Engagement

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Thunderbird Mentor Program

A meaningful catalyst in helping students achieve professional and personal growth.


Thunderbird Global Alumni Network (TGAN)

The TGAN provides advice, counsel and energy to Thunderbird's CEO and executive leadership, and helps foster engagement through our worldwide network of Thunderbird Alumni Chapters.

The TGAN focuses primarily on three objectives:

  • Meeting the needs of prospective students
  • Supporting currently enrolled students
  • Building opportunities and networking for alumni

The TGAN offers not only advice, but also practical assistance in helping Thunderbird improve our services and relevance. It also works closely with our worldwide Thunderbird Chapters, which will continue to be hubs of alumni engagement.

We are excited about the opportunities for renewed focus and energy that come from this new advisory organization. Thunderbird benefits when its alumni engage and when we invite those who have non-alumni relationships to also support us. The TGAN is a vehicle that brings us together with a constructive agenda while also providing value for the members who choose to engage.