Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword around the world, but it’s not merely a means to start a new venture. Entrepreneurship is inter-related with innovation but also different. This course will provide learners with an entrepreneurial mindset in relation to an innovation mindset which can be applied to work on a startup, inside a corporation, as part of a public office in government, in the social sector (social enterprise) and also, to plan one’s career and life. 

This course will help you understand the desirable attributes of teammates, identify an opportunity, and teach you the Fourth Industrial Revolution tools and capabilities that are needed to start and scale an enterprise. Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are crafts linked to leadership and management and vary across contexts – geographies, cultures, sectors, industries – that are dynamically evolving in our globalized world.  

Entrepreneurship is about doing and experimenting, learning from failure and success, iterating and less about theoretical concepts, therefore this course will provide practical tools and ideas to help you figure out how your skills and passions may fit in different entrepreneurial ecosystems. The course aims to teach students how to quickly identify and test new business ideas and how to successfully launch their first venture when they’ve found an idea worth pursuing or scale up their existing ones. 

This course will offer a perspective on the implications of applying an entrepreneurial lens to the way you perceive the world, its challenges and its opportunities, but also differences that can be found in startup clusters around the world.  You will hear perspectives from entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators who will provide stories and advice from around the world. 

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Course content

  • Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Venture Creation
  • Understanding global and regional competencies and opportunities
  • Startup journey
  • Resourcefulness as an Entrepreneur
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Global Venture Creation 1
  • Global Venture Creation 2
  • Sustainability business practices
  • Sustainable strategies
  • Managing sustainable change
  • Impact Investing
  • Leadership awareness & resilience
  • Create a business plan

Faculty curators


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